Day 7 - Été? Non, c'est juin

We're heading west today for a change. This presents us with an opportunity to maximize the use of our National Parks Discovery pass. Having ticked off, Banff, Jasper and Yoho national parks, we now head off through Glacier and Revelstoke Mountain national parks. Nothing like covering those extra hundreds of miles to make you feel like you are getting your money's worth!

We are heading to Mount Revelstoke and the promise of being able to drive right to the top of the mountain. Before we get there we pass through yet more spectacular scenery and equally spectacular roadworks. I suspect that all the roads in Canada are resurfaced every year between April and June. Not surprising given the punishment that they must take from weather, avalanches and tyre chains. Amazing that they manage to do all of this without closing the Trans Canada Highway.


A brief stop to soak up some forest vibes in an old growth cedar forest. The trees here are mostly over 500 years old and it shows! The park services have kindly provided a board walk for those of us who like to enjoy nature without getting too close.

Onwards to Revelstoke and the great ascent. But of course that was never going to happen ... the upper reaches are blocked by fresh snow. In June. Thwarted once again by Canada's inability to get to grips with seasons.

Still, we can go part way up and get some decent views. There is also the opportunity for a brief, brisk hike up a trail to an old broken bridge. At this point we'll take it.

Fun fact: Mount Revelstoke is not in the Rockies which means that we have completely traversed the Rockies from east to west. Tick that one off.

Take that Peak District.