Day 6 - Vegas baby!!

Brian Head to Las Vegas and Hoover Dam!!

This place is insane. Only had an initial drive down the Strip on the way in so far (well technically twice down the strip as I missed a turning and had to loop round).

From seeing a marvel of modern engineering at the Hoover Dam to Vegas which looks like it has been designed by an 8 year old with a picture atlas of the world. Vaguely reminds me of the jig maps that I used to do as a kid - map shaped jigsaws with all of the famous attractions on them.

Will explore later and no doubt encounter more madness. Have just checked into Caesar's Palace. I'm liking the VIP treatment. Ethan has already headed to the whirlpool bath!

Thought things would get a bit more comfortable heading down out of the mountains, but as it is 110F in Vegas, its just a matter of swapping eyeball-popping low pressure for eyeball boiling heat!

Ethan has been amusing himself scoping out entertaining signs from the car. Can't help but think that one of those is a little insensitive...

Here's one for the Yorkshire folk back home.

Right, time to go and show this town how to party - obviously in a very understated British, vegetarian, teetotal sort of way!