Day 4 - The Restaurant at the Top of the World

A day of settling into the digs and exploring the local area. Think we picked the right week to come here. Seems to be the first week of the summer season and not too many people about, which suits us just fine.

Taking a look at the local Kicking Horse attractions today. First stop, Boo the grizzly. Kicking Horse has its own resident grizzly bear. Brought closer to humans by its mother (for protection from other bears apparently) and then orphaned, Boo now lives in a 20 acre habitat and deigns to occasionally come out and perform for folk. Sadly for us, Boo also brought his performing troupe of Mosquitos and the swarm wreaked havoc amongst the observers. I'm sure some of them were landing on my mosquito repellent devices, but I guess that these are made of sterner stuff than your average mozzie as they have to get through grizzly hide. They certainly took a liking to me. I'm half expecting to look like the elephant man tomorrow.

Now Boo's enclosure is reached via a chair lift, so I was quite impressed that Ethan suppressed his fear of heights to make the trip. Next up, a gondola trip 4000 feet up to the top of the mountain for lunch at the Eagle Eye restaurant. Ethan only needed one quick shot of liquid motivation, so he must have been pretty keen!

Well worth the trip, this must be the most impressive restaurant location that I have eaten in. Made yesterday's views look like warm ups. Food wasn't bad either! I was a little disappointed that I wasn't asked where I would like to sit as I was all geared up to ask if they had any seats with a view.

Saw this critter outside. Looked like a beaver from a distance, but we couldn't quite figure out what it would be doing on top of a mountain. On closer inspection, I suspect it may be a marmot. Google lens had it as some sort of chipmunk, but what does Google lens know?

We are not doing too well with our walking yet. I suspect that we are both hiding behind the fact that we haven't sourced any bear spray yet and we are reliably informed that the black bears are coming. Actually, I think we have just discovered that relaxing on holiday is not a bad thing. We always intended to have an acclimatization day, and there is plenty of time yet.

We retired to the hot tub to reassess our plans...