Day 4 - Iron like a lion

Monument Valley to ZIon via 4 Corners and Page

Long one today. I was talked into a "minor" detour to the Four Corners (where Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona meet). I've been in some states in my time but rarely 4 at once. Here's me giving it a go...

I'm wondering whether it is possible to get awe fatigue. Every bend in the road seems to open up another spectacular vista. Driving out of Monument Valley, the views are even better than the valley itself. Likewise coming into Page. Still, kudos to Arizona, its got some stuff!

I'm assuming that the vast expanses of rather dull plains are nature's way of balancing out and avoiding people getting jaded.

Ethan was commenting earlier on the number of churches - not just in the towns, where whole streets seem to be devoted to them - but also in the middle of nowhere. His theory is that living in the back of beyond is a way of showing devotion to god and communities of the devout spring up around the churches. Living in the arse end of nowhere as a sort of geographical hair shirt I guess.

Even spotted one church of Satan, but I didn't hang around to take a photo.

Good to see that the churches have gone mobile too:

Zion, Springdale, Desert Pearl all superb. May have to come back and do a hiking trip...

Would add some photos but they seem to have mysteriously vanished. Just as well we have to head back through Zion canyon tomorrow.