Day 3 - Another one off the bucket list

Williams to Monument Valley via the Grand Canyon.

"Grand" doesn't really to it justice, nor do the photographs to be honest. No point trying to describe it, guess you just have to see it. As Ethan put it : "Take that meteor crater!". Fair point.

Of course almost as bewildering as the canyon itself, was the appearance of several roundabouts on the approach. Nothing had mentally prepared me for this.

Much confusion over timezones and the different time in the Navajo Nation whilst trying to find a commentary of the England match on the radio. Sort of glad that we didn't manage it now, it would have made a long drive seem much longer.

Stopped off to take in a roadside view and wandered into an area which sounded like someone was using a power tool. Impressive crickets thinks I until I saw this sign:

Time to beat a hasty retreat methinks.

Finally made it to the aptly named View Hotel in Monument Valley. Just sitting on the balcony watching the sunset. This is the view currently