Day 13 - The Kicking Horse Kicks Back

I can feel it will be a short entry today as I am exhausted from my heroic efforts doing battle with the rapids on the Kicking Horse river. Who knew white water rafting could be such fun? Fighting the urge to bail during the safety talk, we launched onto the river for an 8 mile adventure through 14 rapids - although only one class 4 I believe. Adventurous we may be, mad we are not!

I suspect that I may have not been as quick in reacting to some of the instructions as the guides would have liked as my old joints creaked into action, but the guides did a great job of making everyone feel (relatively) safe and comfortable.

Ethan even leaped over the side of the boat at one point for a quick swim in the icy waters. I was tempted but seriously doubted my ability to regain access.

Anyway, another one off the list. I feel that a stiff drink has been earned!