Day 11 - Radium Hot Springs and Crossing the Great Divide

A little tired this morning, as I was kept awake by some critter scratching away in the night. When I took a look, I'm fairly sure that I saw the tell tale stripey back if a chipmunk disappearing behind the dresser. Could have been worse, could have been a raccoon on the face. When I mentioned it to Ethan he suggested that it could be rabid. Always one to see the bright side!

Anyway, today we are off to Radium Hot Springs via Kootenay National Park, the 6th National Park so far. En Route, we stop for a photo op at the continental divide (the point from which water will flow either to the Pacific or Atlantic). We have been near the divide a number of times before, but this is the only point which is signposted and delineated up to Ethan's standards.

Interesting fact: Canada has the only triple continental divide in the world (Mount Snowdome next to the Athabasca glacier). This means that if you were to relieve yourself at the top of the mountain, it could flow into the Atlantic, Pacific or Arctic oceans. Way to make your mark on the planet!

Back on the highway and there is a designated no stopping zone. Apparently people have been stopping in the highway to view the heavy bear activity. This indeed seems to be the case as we passed a black bear and a family of grizzlies in quick succession. I slowed down to a crawl whilst staying within the letter of the law. Someone in front had been pulled over, ironically for pulling over, so I felt it was best to err on the side of caution.

Into Radium Hot Springs and time for a hike before a soak in the eponymous springs. We were a little nervous setting off given the proximity of bears, but we're suitably maced up and soon got into it. Now I can't claim to be an expert on distinguishing animal poo in the woods, but Ethan seems to have become quite conversant with fauna fecal matter and clearly identified some bear spore. Got to have a hobby I suppose.

Anyway, we made it to the springs unscathed, but managed to sight another two bears on the way home - from the car which is my preferred viewing mode - both within a m.ile or two of our accommodation. The first one was down a steep bank and so no photo without getting out of the car, something we were both somewhat disinclined to do.

The second was more amenable and walked into the road in front of us, before sprinting off. Ethan thought that was a wuss move, but won't even go from the apartment to the car without mace, so I don't think he can take the moral high ground here.


Training wheels off tomorrow. We are going to attempt a more dramatic walk. The weather forecast is good, but we have experienced the four seasons in a day too many times to count our chickens...