Day 11 - Like Wales? They are whales!

San Francisco to Avila Beach via San Jose & Monterrey (very briefly and abortively)

Started the day with a trip to the rather entertaining Winchester Mystery House, home to the widow of the Winchester rifle guy. Apparently she was told by a psychic that the only way to appease the spirits of those killed by her husband's rifles was to move out west, start building and never stop (the spirits were less clear on how this would help). She went about this with quite some gusto, resulting in a huge, marvellously random house, designed by herself from her seance room by all accounts. A fine example of what happens when madly wealthy meets mad as a fish.

No photos though. Apparently the spirits won't allow it. Or something.

From here we made our second attempt to eat at Ike's. We didn't make it to the one in San Francisco but apparently he has branched out since being on Man vs Food and now has a place in Monterrey. Or not. It was closed due to power failure. Best sandwich I never had.

Onwards along the very scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

Ethan reckons that it looks like North Wales. Have to admit that there is a certain Angelsey-like quality to lots of it, but the Irish Sea doesn't have the same impact as the Pacific. And you tend not to get whales swimming just off the coast of Wales.

Finally made it to the Sycamore Springs Spa and our sulphury, volcanic spring fed hot tub. Here's me and Ethan chilling at the spa...

Last leg of the trip tomorrow as we head back to LA for some Hollywood madness.