Day 1 - Stay on the right side...

First day of extremes - from the madness of LA to the isolation of the Mojave and temperatures from 106F down to 50F in the mountains above Palm springs.

After an early start first business of the day was breakfast with Ethan's veggistential crisis, being tempted by all of the bacony treats on offer. Luckily the Veggie skillet came to the rescue...

Objectives for the day

  1. Escape from LA ... Tick

  2. See much weirdness ... Tick

  3. Experience the alien landscape of Joshua Tree NP ... tick

  4. Spectacular scenery, spectacular scenery, spectacular scenery ... Tick

  5. Go barrelling across the desert with the music turned up ... Tick

  6. Avoid being hit by debris from exploding tyre on truck in front ... Tick

Everyone we have met has been so remarkably pleasant & friendly that I can feel my natural British cynicism ebbing away. It's unhealthy and if it carries on I will begin to resent it!