Day 1 – Getting there

Did you remember the…

So it seems that a checklist is not much use unless you check it. Who knew?

During the journey to the airport we have realised that a crucial piece of (was tempted to leave the “pie crust” of auto correct there) specially purchased equipment has been left behind. To wit, the USB GPS dongle to allow the tablet to be used for navigation. Ah well, the phone may make it…

Also seems that the Chromecast is not on board, which worries me somewhat less. More disturbingly, we seem to have misplaced the airport parking. On arrival at Purple Parking, all did not seem as slick as usual. Indeed it was so far from slick that it took me 20 minutes to find someone to fill me in on the renewed status of the parking area as a development site. Can’t help but think a sign would be useful. Apparently, I had been notified – just not on any of about 6 or 7 email accounts that I use it would seem. Anyway, a frenzied drive through busy and aggressive London traffic got it sorted.

If that is all of the holiday snafus out of the way, I’ll be happy enough. Off to the airport bar for a (hopefully greater than) half full glass of something…

Now I understand Bernoulli’s principle as well as the next guy, but there is something not right about 747s. There is no way that those things should fly. Still, fly it did when it was finally allowed to after a good hour on the apron, disgorging us some 7 hours later into the humid Washington air like a couple of croutons dropped into a steaming bowl of soup. If this is what it’s like at 9pm, this is going to be a warm trip!

Winter Sun

There is something glorious about Winter Sun, but even more so when What3Words come up with the naming goods.

Welcome to


and the mysterious and misty

The Desert

So it turns out that there is a desert in Britain. Nonsense I hear you cry! I shit you not – ¬†a bone fide, meteorologically verified desert. Discovered my Ethan of course, but how he stumbled across the strange micro climatic oddity is anyone’s guess.

Still, we duly packed up the car and headed south to the strangely compelling, slightly weird but utterly cool Dungeness.

Bizarrely, the humidity changes so quickly that even walking to and from the headland, there is a noticeable difference. The landscape is somewhat alien, which probably explains the constant stream of film crews using this as a prime location. Minds suitably blown we had to have a rest and refuel with a lobster brioche at the Dungeness Fish Shack…

…if only because it is a fish shack in a desert!

Anyway, a weird phenomenon – even if it is caused by a nuclear power station. Well worth a visit. Could this be the coolest (warm) place in Britain?

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