Day 10 – Now you see it…

Day 10 – Now you see it…

Ah bliss – all the comforts of home : normal temperature, clouds (yes clouds!), Skegness-like tat stores and, of course sweet,sweet sea-level oxygen! My kinda town.  Not to mention British-style hotel rooms:

Have to say though, it felt a little wrong to eat fish and chips at a british-style chippy, but Ethan was suffering from vinegar withdrawal and we both feared the clam chowder.

Unfortunately being so comfortable, we overslept quite badly this morning, waking up about 30 minutes before we were due at the pier for a trip to Alcatraz. Only woke up then thanks to what I can only assume are a party of sumo wrestlers in the room upstairs.

Have done the requisite hanging off of a cable car, seeing Haight-Ashbury, City Lights bookstore etc.

Whilst on Alcatraz island, we were discussing how much easier it would be if Alcatraz had a bridge going to it, but then figured that this would remove its USP (i.e. of being inescapable). That of course led us to consider that with this being a US Prison, this would be a USP of a USP. Being in a national park that would further make it a USP of a USP in a USNP. Have to amuse yourself somehow.

Some of the other sights have been more elusive – where has San Francisco gone?

I don’t care what anyone says. You can see a full view of the Golden Gate bridge on postcards or any number of images online. I like to think that the essence is in what you don’t see. It’s a zen thing.

Ethan has moved on from volcanoes to Earthquakes and other concerns :

and I may have found a new image for the blog header…

Day 9 – Wear some flowers in your hair

Day 9 – Wear some flowers in your hair

Would if I had any. Flowers or hair.

Mammoth Lakes to San Francisco via Yosemite

Ethan spent much of last night scouring the internet for information on the super volcanoes of the Mammoth Lakes area. Apparently some are reasonably active and there are a fair number of earthquakes each day. Mono Lake looks pretty cool with the volcanic cone in the middle :

I suspect that this research and his desire to put as much distance between himself  and the area might have been responsible for the short cut we took this morning – although Ethan swears blind it was the sat nav. I have to say that the CoPilot app on the phone has been £5 very well spent and has got us pretty much everywhere, but it was clearly having a bad day today. The dirt track that it took us down didn’t seem to have any purpose other than as a chipmunk thoroughfare. I swear that they were stopping and laughing at us. To be fair the track got us where we needed to go  but was a little hairy for a while!

Yosemite was as ludicrously scenic as expected, although we seem to have most of it in soft focus due to a greasy smear on the camera lense 🙁   The jury is out on whose fingerprint it is…

A long, slow drive from Yosemite to San Francisco  (via the windiest road I have ever driven down)

with another sat nav wig out just as we hit the city… of all the places that you don’t need it!

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