Day 8 – Nice ‘n’ Toastie

Day 8 – Nice ‘n’ Toastie

Vegas to Mammoth Lakes via Death Valley

Just because Vegas wasn’t uncomfortable or weird enough …

Stopped at possibly the strangest petrol station I have been to


Now that’s what I call a service station.

Wandered through Death Valley – a little warmer than Vegas

On the long and dramatic climb out of Death Valley I was stuck behind a coach from I don’t know if the company has any religious slant or not, but in my imagination they were a party of the devout on a day trip to shore up their faith by coming to see what Hell looked like. On the off chance that they had some protection from on high, I slipstreamed them up the mountain road in the hope that I might be covered too.

Seem to have been playing food and petrol roulette again today. Didn’t fill up any tanks before leaving LV and then of course found ourselves starting to panic about when the next opportunity would appear. Thought I would have learned by now.

Another encounter with the dreaded road trip nipple today. There is something about the combination of wearing a seat belt for 7 hours and extreme air conditioning which is not entirely comfortable…

Luckily only one more longish drive to go.

We were both too tired to heard out for food by the time that we got to Mammoth Lakes, so ordered some in. I’m sure burritos aren’t supposed to be as big as your head – think this might actually be harder work than the driving.

Day 7 – Never get out of the car. Absolutely goddamn right!

Day 7 – Never get out of the car. Absolutely goddamn right!

Definitely stay anywhere air-conditioned. Made the mistake on the first night here of trying to explore Vegas on foot. Anywhere where the temperature doesn’t drop below 90 at night is clearly wrong. There is a strange effect here of being able to walk towards something for 20 minutes without it getting any closer – walking the strip is like Groundhog day. There is a strange vampiric effect which sucks all of the energy out through your legs – maybe that’s how they power the city?

Anyway, a nice air-conditioned bus makes life a lot easier!

Saw the Trevi Fountain & volcano, went up the eiffel tower, mob museum etc., etc. Took in a show which was so cheesy that I could feel my arteries hardening as we watched. The full Vegas experience!

Well almost full; Ethan was thoroughly disappointed by my level of gambling and outraged at the requirement to be 21. This is what happened when he tried…

Undoubted highlight was dinner at the Top of the World restaurant, slowing revolving 800 feet above Vegas. Rather disconcerting to have people jumping past your window during dinner though.

Day 6 – Vegas baby!!

Day 6 – Vegas baby!!

Brian Head to Las Vegas and Hoover Dam


This place is insane. Only had an initial drive down the Strip on the way in so far (well technically twice down the strip as I missed a turning and had to loop round).

From seeing a marvel of modern engineering at the Hoover Dam to Vegas which looks like it has been designed by an 8 year old with a picture atlas of the world.  Vaguely reminds me of the jig maps that I used to do as a kid – map shaped jigsaws with all of the famous attractions on them.

Will explore later and no doubt encounter more madness. Have just checked into Caesar’s Palace. I’m liking the VIP treatment. Ethan has already headed to the whirlpool bath!

Thought things would get a bit more comfortable heading down out of the mountains, but as it is 110F in Vegas, its just a matter of swapping eyeball-popping low pressure for eyeball boiling heat!

Ethan has been amusing himself scoping out entertaining signs from the car. Can’t help but think that one of those is a little insensitive…

Here’s one for the Yorkshire folk back home.

Right, time to go and show this town how to party – obviously in a very understated British, vegetarian, teetotal sort of way!

Day 2 – Get your kicks…

Day 2 – Get your kicks…

Wildlife Day

Started with a leisurely trundle along Route 66. Encountered first exotic wildlife as a snake slithered across the road in front of the car. Co-incidentally,  had first road-kill of the trip. Did manage to avoid a small prairie dog like mammal later in the day though. Swings and roundabouts, swings and roundabouts…

Finally made it to the meteor crater. Yeah OK, so it’s a hole n the ground, but what a hole in the ground! Smaller in real life though… Ethan says that his expectations where met. Hard to know whether that is good or bad.

New to the selfie but thought I’d give it a go. Looking at some of the photos we have taken Ethan and myself have decided to adopt the miliband as the SI unit of measurement for quality of photographs.

Rounded off the day with a trip to Bearizona. Gotta love the name.  Most of the animals seemed to take great pleasure in stopping in front of cars to relieve themselves – especially the wolves, but that’s wolves for you. Can’t help but think that animals showing that level of contempt for the tourists somehow redresses the whole captivity thing…

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