Day 14 – It’s a wrap!

Day 14 – It’s a wrap!

Winding down and saying farewell to the US after just over 3000 miles, with a trip round Warner Bros studio. Way better than the Universal tour.

Made it onto the Big Bang sound stage but no sitting in the spot 🙁

Ethan and myself did  manage to chill out at Central Perk though

Rounded off with a trip to the tar pits, which are indeed pits …  with tar, or asphalt as I believe the locals like to refer to it.

Another splendid veggie lunch from a food truck opposite the park before heading back to the airport rather too early.

Just 7 hours to wait for the flight and then another 11 or so to Heathrow.

Gonna need a holiday after this…

Day 13 – Waddya mean they get the day off?

Day 13 – Waddya mean they get the day off?

Another day in the City of Angels.

Visited Universal Studios today. Slightly deflated by the studio tour when we were told that we were unlikely to spot any movie stars as they do not like to work weekends. Poor effort Hollywood.

Oddly I did spot Gail from Coronation Street…

… and some all American heroes

The park was crazily busy, but Ethan and myself sailed through with our Front of Line passes. Very un-British and you could feel the waves of resentment from those sweltering in the queues. Still, the warm glow of smugness helped us cope!

Rounded off the day with another attempt at the Griffith for the views

and then a cruise down Hollywood Boulevard for the final photo op.

Day 12 – L.A. Woe-man

Day 12 – L.A. Woe-man

Avila Beach to Los Angeles

Nice “relaxed” drive into and around LA today. Yeah right. I have never seen a better argument for banning cars and putting in some decent public transport.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised during this trip at how patient and relaxed US drivers are compared to their British counterparts. It doesn’t seem to extend to the cities though and particularly not LA where patience seems to be in short supply – although we did arrive on a Friday afternoon which is always a cause for driving madness. That said, still not at the level of British road rage and to be fair, I suspect that LA works quite well if you get the hang of using the freeways and just dropping off near where you need to be.

So, bad traffic day but good food day!

We managed to find Slaw Dogs on the way into LA (this was one of Ethan’s pre-researched food options). The Soy Bomb is a truly exceptional hot dog experience (as I suspect are the meaty options should you be so inclined).  Another happy discovery, was Umami Burger near the hotel, so the taste buds have had a rare old time today.

Made an attempt to get to Griffith Observatory, but there was absolutely no parking to be had either at the Observatory or on the 2 mile road running up to it, unless you happened to time it just right and could outwit the lurkers.

Gave up in the end and headed to Santa Monica in the end. Very much like Skegness  but without the charm 🙂

But of course as with anywhere on the west coast, the sunsets are spectacular.

No sleep ’til Laughlin

4:30am but my body is insisting that it’s lunch time. No more sleep in the the City of Night I suspect. Could be an early start…

Time to scope out that all American breakfast…

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